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Tuscany and the Mountains

Take an emotional and colourful trip into the Tuscan mountains, there are hundreds of things to do.

In the Apuan Alps you will ascend into marble cathedrals, but you will also discover the kingdom of Lunigiana, full of enchanted caves and castles. The dazzling white of the quarries on one side and the wild, green valley of Garfagnana on the other.

If you feel the call of spirituality, awaiting you are the sacred Casentino forests with their monasteries and hermitages along the way where nature is not the only thing to discover. While if you love the sound of the woods, you will be enthralled by the stage that is the Mugello, an aristocratic and timeless land.

You can be overcome by the triangular heights of Monte Amiata, so lonely, but at the same time full of roe and fallow deer, by mountains embraced in the world's most famous vineyards or by the wooded Abetone which transforms into pistes for ski lovers in the winter.

Go into the mountains and discover your emotions again. Colours, smells, sounds and tastes snatched away from city pollution. Pure feelings about to be forgotten, but still intact in the Tuscan mountains.

Waiting for you to explore are miles and miles of pathways for trekking, mountain biking, skiing, but also for pure contemplation and absolute rest. In these natural surroundings there are emotions for all tastes, and challenges of all shapes and sizes.

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