ECML/PKDD 2004, Pisa, Italy, September 20-24, 2004
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The sea

On the outskirts of Pisa continuing towards the sea at south of the Arno river mouth you reach Marina di Pisa, a bathing place with its seaside resorts which belong to the second half of the nineteenth century, and its buildings built in liberty style are its most important feature.
Marina di Pisa rose in the nineteenth century even if long before it was already populated by fishermen. It was founded by a bathing establishment's owner whose name was Ceccherini. He early had a Resort near San Rossore but Savoia people (who lived in this property) did not like the closeness to the common people who went there to have bath of sun.
The Royal Savoia family in order to resolve this trouble gave Ceccherini a huge amount of money, with which he built another seaside Resort in 1869. A lot of villas began to be built along the littoral road. The long beach and the clearness of the sea fascinated Gabriele D'Annunzio, famous Italian poet, and then after him many other aristocratic people came to Marina di Pisa. In this way began the "Liberty style" that you can recognize from the houses appearance. It is said that D'Annunzio wrote in this town "La Pioggia nel Pineto", one of his greatest poetry.
From Marina di Pisa daily trip in ferry-boats to Porto Venere and Cinque Terre.

Tirrenia is situated in the centre of the Tuscany coast, along a coast line of 10 Km. This town is entirely plunged into the nature and it is between two important cities, Pisa and Livorno. Tirrenia has a very fertile territory which in the course of the ages has acquired the features of the above mentioned cities which despite their closeness have different traditions.

Tirrenia mediterranean climate permits nice and suitable seasons: colourful days in spring , warm and bright in the summer and relaxing in autumn. Tirrenia is a really crowded especially during the summer season, here the people have the possibility to spend the whole day on the well equipped beaches. There are many sport activities : Beach volley, Sailing , Underwater fishing, Tennis, Football, Golf and Horse riding. Such sports can be played in the numerous sports complexes plunged into the green.

There is also a wide choice of daily excursion: Bocca d'Arno with its "retoni" (particular hanging fishing-nets) situated among the contour line of San Rossore and just in front of Alpi Apuane, San Rossore Natural Park where there are stables near the homonymous race-course, the near Tuscany archipelago and also the huge historic and artistic patrimony of cities, such as Pisa, Lucca Volterra, Firenze, Siena, and also other wonderful little centres that can be discovered wherever. We recommend you a quiet and comfortable staying full of amusement, at the numerous camping-sites or in a boarding-house and also in luxurious hotels. If you try you will understand that this is not the usual publicity because when you come to Tirrenia you will become its greatest supporter after few days.

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