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Thermal Baths in Tuscany

Tuscany is a rich region of thermal fonts and where he is possible live a vacation to the emblem of the care of the own body.

Mental and physical well-being is that unmistakable light which shines out from the face anyone who chooses to put health first and foremost in life and beauty. A wise choice which breaks the hectic rhythm of daily life with brief periods dedicated to nature, health and relaxation. Drinking S. Giuliano spa water, rich in mineral salts, between one treatment and another, detoxifies and reinvigorates vital functions. Treatments release the multitude of health-giving properties present in spa water, triggering the processes of natural osmosis so vital to bodily functions. Taking the waters is also an opportunity to meet with others in relaxed and congenial surroundings.

S. Giuliano spa waters are ideal for combating problems of the respiratory system: rhinitis, sinusitis, laryngitis and bronchitis. A programme to combat smog and the other threats to the respiratory tract. Nebulisation of health-giving vapours and mineral salts strengthen the immune system, revitalising body and skin functions.Nearby also Uliveto Terme and, surrounded by typical tuscan hill, Casciana Terme offer thermal services.

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