ECML/PKDD 2004, Pisa, Italy, September 20-24, 2004
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Wine Trials

The "Wine Trails of Tuscany" run through magnificent wine-growing areas which, apart from the obvious vineyards and wineries, offer an integrated tourist package of cultural, historical and natural attractions. These trails are also a means of fostering rural development and of promoting so-called "Enotourism", that is, setting wine production in a cultural, environmental, historical and social context.

In the surroundings of Pisa you can find the famous "Road of the wine", or "wine trials" on the Pisa hills. The trail, touching old villages such as San Miniato, Palaia, La Rotta, Peccioli, Laiatico, Terricciola, Lari, Crespina, Fauglia, Lorenzana, Casciana Terme and Chianni, is clearly marked, with accommodation generally in quality-assured farmhouses; all necessary information is provided. The beauty of this trail is that the visitor may come in any season, finding different aspects each time and seeing the process of viticulure in its various stages, as well as on different levels, that is, maybe one day visiting a vineyard or winery, another day tasting a delicious dish or fine wine, or attending some cultural event.

The wine route of Monteregio and Massa Marittima across the area of the "Colline Metallifere" of the Northern Maremma. The tourist route starts from the discovery of wine-producing farms to expand to holidays farms, wine shops, good restaurants and first quality handicraft shops. The traveller of the Wine Route will meet a natural environment where the main features of Tuscany combine with the characteristics of the wild Maremma: all the centres crossed by the route are full of history, art and charming landscapes which appears along all the route network.

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